Fourth International Conference
Shaping of Advanced Ceramics

Invited lectures

Fred F. Lange, UCSB, CA, USA:
“Colloidal approach to rapid shape forming”

Cécile Pagnoux, ENSCI, Limoges, France:
"Elaboration of tailored millimetric porous ceramic spheres by colloidal way"

Mikolaj Szafran, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland:
“Mono- and oligosaccharides in deflocculation process of nanoceramics powders”

Jan Luyten, VITO, Belgium:
“Porous ceramics as a tool for many applications”

Mohan J. Edirisinghe, University College London, UK:
“Novel processing and forming of biomaterials”

Ludwig.J. Gauckler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland:
“Capsules and foams from nanoparticles”

Michael Schulz, Institute for Materials Research, Karlsruhe, Germany.
"Innovative production processes for ceramic MEMS/NEMS"

Jens Günster, Oerlikon Solar AG, Switzerland
“Powder processing with lasers as energy source".

Jon Binner, Loughborough University, UK
“Processing and properties of nanostructured ceramics”.

Lennart Bergström, Stockholm University, Sweden: Porous Ceramics for Gas and Biomolecule separation.

George V. Franks, University of Melbourne, Australia: Complex shape forming using crosslinkable poly vinyl alcohol (PVA).

Richard Todd, University of Oxford, UK: Microstructural requirements and in situ processing for alumina matrix nanocomposites.

Yoshio Sakka, Nano Ceramics Center, Japan:
"Fabrication of highly structure controlled ceramics through advanced colloidal processing".