Fourth International Conference
Shaping of Advanced Ceramics

Abstract submission

Please remember that an abstract should include a short explanation of the paper highlighting the most important results. It should be clear and concise as well as attractive enough to bring people to your poster or talk. It must be written in English and S.I units are encouraged. Extension of abstract is limited to 1 page where figures supporting the text are welcome.

For abstract submission the MSWord template provided below can be used or please fit to the following format.

Template for abstract

Arial font or equivalent and single line spacingis required. The margins should be set to 2.5 cm (1 inch) for left, right, top and bottom.

Title should be centered, in capital letters with a font size of 18 and bold characters. Introduce a blank line after. Authors are to be typed with size 12 and bold and aligned to the left margin. Affiliation, also aligned to the left, should be indicated just below the authors’ name with font size of 12 regular characters. Please indicate the name of all the institutions as well as full contact address. Below the affiliation (and the full contact address) it has to be indicated the e-mail of the presenting (or contact) author. Include a blank line and start the main text of the abstract justified and with a font size of 10 points

If wanted or required by supporters, please indicate briefly the funds or support origin. It should be done at the end of the document with size 10 and cursive letters.

Abstract should be submitted in a MS Word or RTF file by e-mail to A confirmation mail will be sent back when the abstract is received by the conference staff. If there are problems during the submission of the abstract, please let us know in order to solve it

Last line has to indicate if you want to present your work as an oral presentation, poster or an oral-poster in the student contest.

Type of presentation: Oral – Poster – Student Contest